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Strawberry cream dipped Pocky sticks. One of our top requested items!  

(Ingredients: Flour, sugar, palm oil, lactose, powdered milk, strawberry powder, butter, salt, yeast, emulsifier, baking powder)

Creamy milky hard candy. They’re like pocket sized milkshakes! 

(Ingredients: Sugar, powdered milk, eggs, condensed milk powder, shortening, salt, milk calcium, aroma)

The ever so popular Green Tea Kitkat.  

(Ingredients:Vegetable oil, sugar, condensed milk powder, cocoa paste, flour, matcha paste, matcha powder, cocoa powder, yeast, cacao mass, soy milk powder, baking soda)

In Burnt Caramel (Light Brown) or Cocoa (Dark Brown)

(Ingredients:Wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, powdered skim milk, bread crumbs, lactose, glucose, salt, brown sugar, syrup, milk flavor powder, whole milk powder, vanilla, baking powder, caramel color, sucralose [Caramel- +almond, baking powder, coconut, caramel powder, caramel paste, caramel sauce])


Umaibo stick in Mentaiko Flavor. Yes, Cod-Roe. 

(Ingredients:Dried corn, corn oil, glucose, sugar, paprika spices, bread crumbs, soy protein, seasoning powder, salt, msg, artificial flavor, paprika color, sucralose)

Whipped chocolate in strawberry creme flavor.

(Ingredients:Sugar, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cacao mass, vegetable oil, lactose, strawberry paste, soya lecithin, red beet color, water)

Rice cracker with creamy cheese topping.

(Ingredients:Glutinous rice, palm oil, starch, cheese powder, whey powder, soy sauce, nonglutinous rice, powdered skim milk, sugar dextrin, seasoning, bonito powder, egg, powder, msg, caramel)

In Strawberry (pink) White Chocolate (White) or Chocolate (Red/Brown) 

(Ingredients: Wheat flour, soybean oil, sugar, whole dried milk, dextrin, glucose, soybean powder, lactose, egg yolk, corn flour, cocoa butter, powdered strawberry, whey powder, malt extract, powdered cream, salt, millet jelly, emulsifier, red beet coloring, carotenoid coloring, turmeric oleoresin, acidulant, sorbitol, skim milk powder, cacao mass, msg)

Grandma’s Sweet Shoyu Baked Senbei

(Ingredients: Nonglutinous rice, sugar, starch, palm oil, soy sauce, salt, powdered soy sauce, fish sauce, powder, yeast, modified starch, trehalose, msg)

Whipped Green Tea Chocolate Bites

(Ingredients:Sugar, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cacao mass, vegetable oil, lactose, soya lecithin, water, matcha paste, condensed milk powder, soy milk)